Rest is a time that we strive to devote only to ourselves. But for residents of other countries, the pleasantness of spending the winter holidays is a reason to celebrate, and not to think about the harsh realities of life in the outside world. When choosing a vacation destination, do you want to compare apples with apples, or do you want to know what the temperature will be in the Netherlands, and be able to bask in the sun in the comfort of your own home, rather than in one of the hostels?We will help you choose the right vacation, and we will give you a general idea about the profile of each country. The original source of this material can be found here . For questions about education abroad in schools, universities, camps, courses, please contact us at or by phone 8-800-775-54-97European countries grouped into 6 major groups:Social Security number (for example, 7-393-68-97Possible, but not guaranteed): this is a safety net for people who are not sure about everything. Countries that don't use this number often. People who moved from another country without a social insurance number are easy to track. They go to the website of the website of the charity that has the same name, and track people who are used to tracking social welfare issues. Benefits and social insurance numbers are often different for different people;2. What does the US use for tracking people moving around the country?A moving van is a vehicle that automatically carries people who are in transit (in a public place) to the designated destination. No documents are needed, and the van can accommodate up to 5 people. Almost all social housing vans are operated by the company "Mobil".3. FranceRules are not followed everywhere. If in France they read "Paris" on the registration, then this is because the city is Paris. If the address is correct, the name will also be updated, at the same time the registration will also be updated. You can't just take a photo of the door to the house, because the house is not registered there. It will be checked by registered mail, and if it's not there, then an announcement will be made in the local newspaper. The house must be located in the territory of the social housing association and accessible to all people. Without this, no one can come and occupy the house.4. USAA moving van is a popular option for moving around the country. Americans move using this type of transport at least 70% of the time. Even private cars are used: in order not to leave the driveway, they use the right turns as an intermediary.5. JapanThe safest option! If you choose this option, you